Acoustic Kisses

Acoustic Kisses

He would touch me like rock’n’roll.

loud breath vibrating on my skin

blood pumping through his veins

beat thumping so loud his ears were clogged

with notes growing faster

and faster


and louder

hands shaking

veins quaking

every movement so electric

 that I forgot to feel it

songs ringing so loud in my ears

I couldn’t really hear the notes

music running so fast through skin

I couldn’t really feel the rhythm

His electricity jolted my heart

but never really touched it.


and he’d hit that final note with a

gasp of air

and wave of harmony resonating through his body

crashing down beside me

ecstasy pouring from his veins like a hallelujah chorus

while I lay exhausted


from the shock.


But you,

you kiss me like an acoustic guitar.

chords breaking the silence

with a harmony so pure

even the air holds it’s breath.

you touch me like a piano

fingers running up the scale

pouring the beauty of music

into my ears like honey

until my head is spinning

with the sound of you

notes blending like a dance

a slow, slow dance.


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