Capital Letters

4 . 11 .  18

i wish i could take the letters in the typewriter hiding behind my eyes and let them dance into your skin from the touch of my hand.

you know how much i love poetry


touching you feels a lot like poetry


we can talk for hours

the sweet sounds of good words satisfy our hungry souls

whether they are spoken       or sung

       or scribbled on sheet music

we like them all.


and we like to wonder.

floating on water rafts of curious thoughts, letting our questions intertwine in our fingers

holding a basket of a stories in our hands.


i must thank you for the times you grabbed my gaze and told me that intelligence is not measured in capital letters.

but letters are all i’ve ever really known

im a poet right?

but,      you remind me,        poetry is not written in letters.

poetry in the air between us in the car

with a quivering hand and words wilting behind the whites of our eyes




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