Run Where the Rivers Run

6 . 6 . 15

I think I know why people love the Ocean

I think it’s because she’s afraid to leave the shore for too long

and she waves with a playful smile

shifting and changing everyday

but she’s always there when you look back


I’m afraid

you’ve become attached to her too


the Ocean makes your chest vibrate like an electric guitar

and you just want to preserve her little waves

and rest in the innocence of her blue eyes

the Ocean is the salt water streaming down your face

she is the moment of her first breath

her first shaky step

she is the queen of the cul-de-sac running care-free on concrete


an infinite coastline of curiosity and questions


but the Ocean

always remains in the landscape she calls home



I’m still made of that joyful blue water

but I am not the Ocean anymore

more than anything I want to be a river

rivers always have somewhere to run

I’m so ready

to pack my memories in my luggage while I run 

and flow

and climb mountains with bare hands

adventure and opportunity are like candy to me

so just understand, 

I cannot sit like salt water forever.


I will always be your infinite coastline of curiosity

and my eyes will always be blue


but the Ocean might have dreams

but she’s afraid to chase them

the Ocean might be the queen of the shore

but I want to be the queen of mountains

the Ocean is chained to the sand

but rivers can make their own path

so let me flow fast like rivers do

and see where I can end up


there’s no need to hold your breath

or drown under the weight of worry

just let me run where the rivers run


the water cycle

will be bring me back around eventually.



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