In Front of Her Stood the Moon

She walks down the street like a jaguar. Not with the grace of a feline, but as if every step is that before a sprint. Strong. An explosion holding its breath.


There’s lightning in her heart and while she knows it’s a magnetic electricity to everyone around her, it also eats her alive.


Today she is fireworks–not lightning. It’s as if she absorbs heat from the black concrete. Or maybe it absorbs heat from her.


She flashes back to last night’s dream. She does this so often that dreams are just parts of her day. She sees no point in differentiating realities.


There he was, a beautiful blur. Unclear either because she was dreaming or because she was in love. He was tall and tan with the same deep vibrance that burned within her. He was so unbearably charming she had to pause and catch herself between every moment thinking of him. His eyes were full of black oceans and quiet galaxies like hers. And he played music.


They made each other laugh and learn, and he was so, so gentle like pebbles but shook her world like the plates of this planet. Oh, he made her feel drunk.


She laughs as she walks, knowing that everyone has that dream man.


That day she had some time to taste so she stopped in a store she had a gift card for. After a while of scavenging through the overpriced hipster oasis for something under $25, she brought a few things to the dressing room. She was admiring the woodwork that had been expertly crafted to appear as if it was not so, when her gaze was interrupted with a “hi!”. She snapped around and her stomach clapped thunder, jolting a “hi” back. In front of her stood the moon.


The girl pulled her in like the tides with her cool stare, dark pony tail and black earrings. Was she Filipino? She was magnetic, that’s all she knew.


The girl was smiling, flirting with her eyes like moon rays. She arranged a dressing room, phasing from flashing smiles to carefree, cool laughs.


I think they both lost gravity.
Alone now inside the dressing room, she looks bewildered into her own vibrant eyes. She stares a long time and wonders, did she just meet her dream man?

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