Let’s Buggy! My Very First Children’s Book

In Spring 2017 I took a class by Rodrigo Almeida called ESPM 40, Insects and Human SocietyAt the end of the semester we had the choice to either contribute to Citizen Science (take data for a working scientist), OR ……..

make an art project!!!  ?!?!?!?!?

Can you guess what I chose?







hahha. I decided to make a children’s book! After making this I realized my passion for children’s writing and am now pursuing a major combining Environmental Science and Art with the intention of making much, much more educational art for kids!! This semester I’m taking two classes about bugs (ew! gross! hehe) in hopes of learning more about how creatures like ~~bees~~ and ~~mosquitos~~ interact with our world!

Here was my first ever little book about science!

Let’s Buggy

Written and Illustrated by Ed

🙂 that’s me


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