Stories From an Uber Driver

People are lazy in Europe, he tells me. They like food and drinking and family and the good things of life. Americans like those things too but they work for them. Here in California you can make so much but you also spend so much. Americans have the least amount of $ in our savings accounts than any other country because we are in a constant input output flow. Things aren’t so crowded in Europe. He says “ooolala” as a response to things. They speak French in Camerón—and in France of course. He’s lived in both. He told me about how he crossed the Sahara desert in six days, no money so he gave the Arab his clothes. In Libya he met a woman. She was 30 and he was 29. She took a special interest in him for dark skin—which is unique for an Arab woman. She loved him even though he was a black man with no money. She worked as a prostitute, working in the house they shared. Men pouring in and out of the house one after the next— it was the only way she could make a living. “They were just her work,” he said, “I was her love.” She is his wife now. She paid $3000 for them to take a fishing boat to Italy. Two elderly died on the three day trip, and one baby died. At one point, the boat tipped and many fell out into the water. There was no food and around 250 people on the boat.

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