Elise, what are you doing with your life?


I don’t really know how to start this entry because I feel like there is so much to say. Every time I think about doing a post on my blog I get overwhelmed with how much I have not shared. Where do I even start? I write and draw and think all the freaking time so what do I share and what is even worth sharing? asldkgja;lfkbj;aljsd

BUT here’s where I’m going to start: sharing my life!!!!! I am realizing actually right now in this moment that in order to give an accurate representation of myself as an artist I just need to give an accurate representation of mySELF GODDAMMIT. hahahaha

This realization has truly been a long time coming. “What realization?” you ask…

(“you” being God) ……..(hey God). This realization:

By being myself I am being an artist. My creativity is who I am.  

😀 !!!!!

My creativity is my BRAIN. It’s the way I think! Yes, I draw! But I also take (what i think are) really cool videos, write tons of poetry and children’s books and raps and I like to dance and dream up tons of business plans for coffee shops and magazines and clothing companies and stuff! It’s actually funny because you’ll see that this blog has about 20 EMPTY folders of things I wanna do hahahaha. I’m a

hot! mess!


SO, what am I gonna do about it? Well, I’ll share my current projects another time but the main development in my life is…. I’m changing my major! …again!

I’ve literally gone through it all: environmental justice and policy (oo oo I wanna be an international diplomat), sustainable design (oo oo I wanna build really cool sustainable buildings), interdisciplinary studies (oo I’m gonna do my own research about how people communicate in all different levels of conflict )

and while I still wish I could do that last one, I would unfortunately not graduate on time…. SO I was scrolling through every major offered at Cal and then it saw it sitting there laughing at me.



hahahahahh I literally started laughing so hard.


Okay just as i was writing this I started to doubt how i felt about it because i was thinking about the haters being like what are you even gonna do with that but let me have my moment and happiness dammit! this was the most uplifting relieving happy feeling I’ve had since (my darkest humor just finished this sentence by saying 9/11 hahahah shhhh hahah) (ahh) haha

ohhhh my goddddd. a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders. a huge sigh of relief. then i just sat there shaking my head laughing and beaming. i couldn’t believe it! ART! oh my god ART. hahahhahaa

it’s everything! I would be able to just explore literally anything and then spend my time conveying it. I would have projects! A physical institution supporting me as I learn about the world and then express what I see through whatever medium!


I just spent a second writing a paragraph about why i like art and what it is to me but i think i need to convey that over a long period of time as I understand it more. For now I’m just gonna share stuff about my life! I’m a free woman!!!!!

Seriously! Liberated.

Oh but lemme explain this art major thing a little more. So I have three semesters left after this current one so if I were to do the full art major I would have to take a jam packed schedule with tons and tons of studio time each semester and a few summer classes.

… I was like yes art! but AH! me no want stress. so I was walking to the bus one day last week when I ran into Che  (Che if ur reading this hey) and told him about changing to the art major and we both just started laughing. like it was right there the whole freaking time ahaha.

Then Che got thinking … WAIT, I could do that too.


He’s in CNR~~~~~~The College of Natural Resources~~~~~gobearsgogreen with an interdisciplinary major called Conservation of Resource Studies. In this program, after taking some pre-reqs, you can pick any assortment of upper division classes to take to form your major. People have done things like marine resource management, sustainable agriculture in the developing world, public health and environmental pollution, etc. etc.

So CHE is interested in looking at how we can make functional systems in society more efficient by replicating systems in nature, or in other words, Bio-inspiration.

but ART! YES! The way art could tie into all this is in communicating the systems of nature. 

Let’s teach about nature in really cool creative ways!!!! 



That way I get to not only learn about trees, but I get to draw what I learn and make connections as to how they work in a greater system. The classes would range from different science classes and art classes. …. !!!

On Tuesday, Sept-26 (happy bday Gianna) I passed Rana Eser on this field JUST after hanging out with Che for hours and I was so excited about this new path we’re on and who could be a more perfect person to run into? Rana literally knows everything. Hahahah luv u Rana.

Of course we got talking about the beauty of nature and science and she said the most perfect thing:

“People think science is just people in lab coats but really it’s magical because it’s the universe trying to understand itself” (Rana, 4:20 pm, 9-26). amazing.

RANAAAAAMAZING. amazing amazing amazing. We are made of the stuff of the universe and here we are examining and learning about it. HELLO SCIENCE, wanna b friends?

Here’s a pic highlighting where I actually wrote that quote down while she said it at 4:20 pm on 9-26-17 hehehe. Also you may see a banana, a bear snowboarding, a moon smoking, and the quote

~~love. beauty. beauty is love~~


~~were just another animal that’s just doing things~~


As you can we had an amazingly wonderful magical conversation in just loving the complexity of the world we’re a part of. and THEN, cause Rana knows everything (and is a regents scholar at Berkeley studying Neurobiology and Vitali), I started asking her my biggest questions about how the world works: “Wait, so like what even is DNA?” “What really is a proton?

We were just chillin’ on this fine Tuesday in golden hour just talking about the polarity of water and the importance of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen in nature :~) ❤ That’s what Berkeley’s all about. Here are my notes from this convo:


And then we walked home and just loved life!!! Rana is super excited about my new major (aint that right Rana haha) cause there is such a need to connect people to science! People feel connected to things through art! I will be communicating science through art!

And it starts here. It starts with me talking to smart people and slowing starting to learn what it is I’m trying to teach: nature. Ima be learnin’ ma! I’ll be a learnin’ pa!

So Che and I came up with a mantra for life pertaining to our new paths:

Learn tree. Draw tree. Climb tree. 

Learn about the universe. Communicate and share what we learn through fun, creative projects. Have fun loving the world we are so blessed to be in.


So that is all for now! There shall be soooo much more to come and hopefully you (still talking to you, God) will soon see my art and thoughts in better context.


Here are some videos from last Sunday when I went home to bid the eldest and least relevant Dimick a good riddance before she’s off to Spain for a year. (This is Gianna. Some may know her….) hahahah jk love you Gianna, hopefully you meet a nice American rich orphan in Spain so you don’t have to stay there and make mom mad/sad !!

And of course, the campanile. Go freaking Bears.


and remember, if I leave you with one thing to take away from this:






fuck stanford 😛

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