Chicago drawing

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Another story of finishing up 2017’s art mess


Learning that having sketches with the intention of finishing the design is PART OF THE PROCESS.
No, not every work is done in one sitting, Elise.
In Fall 2017, I was so messy with my ideas and intentions that I would often go up to my roof and just try and “do art”. One day in the beginning of the semester, I got inspired to do a drawing for my friend Sophie, who goes to school in Chicago.
I started doing an in depth drawing of the city with all kinds of cartoonish elements, like streetlights as people and coffee pots pouring into sky scrapers. It was pretty fun to make the drawing, but when I finished, I looked at it and realized it was merely a sketch. It did not look like a finished piece I could be proud of, as many of the elements were indiscernible and messy — like my life?? hehe
All semester I kept a bank of unfinished projects in the back of my mind and would constantly stress myself out by remembering them and remembering that I hadn’t finished them.
The whole thing was little silly, this was just for fun, Elise!
Still, a few times that year I tried to finalize the piece but there’s something about working with pencil that hindered me. I’d erase too much, and not be as intentional with my lines.
In the end, this piece sat on the back burner from September to May.
In May, as I was growing in my intentionality and had recently cleaned out the art mess that was 2017, (insert link about cleaning out my art) ?, I decided to finish this drawing!!!
I sat up in my room and committed. With pen! Then with photoshop!
Even though it was more of a personal achievement of allowing myself to finish things, this was a pretty big little deal for me! 🙂
Not sure why but it took me maybe a week to post it on my art instagram @treeeative. Maybe because it felt anti-climactic to share when people didn’t really know the story behind it. I feel much more inspired to share my work when I’m doing something like this and writing bout the story behind it.
I still feel like I could continue to grow and improve this piece… but for now, I’m happy with it!


luv n peace,


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