Chi O Game Day Shirts

8 . 10 . 18

A story of finally seeing an old design have a purpose and PERFECTIONISM.

As you may be able to see, there is a slight shakiness of the outline on this design.

That’s because I edited this on Photoshop in November 2017 (the height of #artstruggle2017), when I was making my graphic drawings with MY FINGER ON MY LAPTOP TOUCH PAD. 

A silly time. A silly silly time. (thank you Wacom tablet) 


People always ask me how do you come up with stuff! 

All I can say is …

no idea!!!!!! It just comes to me! I feel like creativity is like a muscle: the more you use it, the more it works!  —-but of course if you allow yourself to relax. This is something I am constantly being forced to remember. 



So to finalize this design I drew over the white decorations (eh, they’re too cute, but busy) and then cleaned it up and changed the way the Chi O letters looked.

The thing is, I’m a perfectionist.

It can be debilitating because I try much harder than people expect, and usually no one notices to minor details so I might be wasting my time….

…….but also, I notice, and it’s my time.

For example, can you really even tell the difference:





Yeah…. you probably don’t see much different between the last two, but I smoothed out the yellow on the L and the blue on the F and probably did a little bit more that I already forgot about cause it’s so compulsive hehe.


BUT ANYWAY, HERE IS THE FINAL FOR FALL 2018 (my senior year)!!!



It’s gonna be so cute on shirts! Of course I still see a list of flaws but if I’ve learned anything this year it’s that time is valuable , I am my biggest critic , and I can use my self criticism as pointers for next time, but move on– ya did good Elisehaha.

I’d love to hear what you think about art and self-criticism/perfectionism. How do YOU know when to be done??

Check em out!! ❤ Go bears go Chi O!



13015246_1054565234618706_3604172123684073682_n copy


luv n peace,


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