Finally painting this skateboard

8. 18. 18

A story of slowly but surely cleaning up the started projects of 2017.

I don’t have a picture of my original attempt to paint this skateboard but it was a design with a stick figure running closer and closer to me on swirly waves. It could have been really cool but, as most of my art was in the summer of 2017, it was really messy and unfinished looking. I let the project sit under my bed for over a year and carried it around with me as I moved from home, to school, to new rooms, back to home. It wasn’t this board alone that I brought with me. I carried an entire bin of journals and projects started that sat in the back of my closet, and consequently, piled in the back of my mind.

It wasn’t until May this summer (2018) that spent three days filing and purging this bin of old art. It was one of the most emotionally and mentally taxing marathons I’ve ever gone through in my art experience as it brought back so many half started ideas, failures, and fears.

It’s August now and I’ve come a long way even since May. I’ve come to my colors more– especially after taking Creativity Unleashed–an online course by Devon Walz (here’s her website ). I painted this skateboard spontaneously after feeling the impulse to make art and to make art that makes me happy! I then went on Photoshop and continued the creative impulse, and expanded the painting even further into a cool photo.

I’ve included a picture of what I was wearing through the process (a green bathing suit and purple shorts) to show how sometimes my colors seem to surround me and inspire me inadvertently or not.

I feel very warm and grateful writing this post right now. I wish all very much love and peace ❤

– treeeelise

california skateboardIMG_1545IMG_8825



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