Theta Chi – Beer Die Table

8 . 18 . 18

A story of needing some brighter paint


This would be the fourth project that Berkeley Theta Chi had asked me to do and of course I always have to say yes! They were gonna pay!

They wanted a “Tommy Bahama, tropical theme”, so I screen shotted these pics and got right to work on the sunset as soon as I got to their house.

IMG_9986img_9987.pngI started with the sunset and ocean and this actually took me a while (about an hour). It started out with purple at the top but it just looked too dark, so I progressed it to just a red/orange/yellow mix (with white of course). However, when trying to make orange with my acrylic options (insert link to the brand of paint I use), it was an extremely dull looking orange. Everything felt really “smoggy” almost. I didn’t like how dark it all was.

can ya tell?

I just kept working through the frustration and with a lot of white and yellow and water I was able to brighten up the whole damn thing while still keeping the color progression.

Then I added some texture to the blue water with white+blue+water, and let the sky dry. Then I painted the island, tree, letters and bear rather quickly, since it’s more structured of a design! Luckily I have a great paint brush for lettering that is a perfect mix between firm and bendy. I barely needed to do anything but paint in cursive!


Would it really be mine without a little bit of go bears? :


And there ya have it! In under 2 hours, with a little frustration and beer, I was all done!

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