The lotus tattoo

8. 26.18

A story of learning to go for it (with PEN). 


My godmother Kelly wanted a tattoo of a mandala patterned lotus with a third eye in the center 🙂  Now this is a request I like to hear. Finally something not graphic! Woo!




I looked up a ton of lot of different lotus mandalas and saved some inspiration. Usually I put off a project like this because the only deadline is “whenever you can get it done!”. But not this one!!

I was so enthusiastic to let art really happen that I started this the same day that I painted the California skateboard! Talk about momentum.


Here’s the first pencil drawing! ^ Look at me go! I started!

Of course then it sat on my desk for a few days and I was “too busy to jump back in” … but realistically I was afraid to commit to the mandala.

BUT THEN… I did! 

I filled the center leaf… then erased it, and made this:


But every time I looked at it for three days,  it didn’t feel right. I didn’t like how the curls in the first leaf faced inward, making the eye look slightly angry.

Haha, many wouldn’t notice but it’s the subtle things that really get me.

SOOOO, I started over and decided, frick the pencil, I’m inking dis:


It was soo fun and mesmerizing to just jump in like this. Using pen actually made me focus more and be less inclined to make impulsive moves. It definitely made this process much easier.

So I actually started this on the first day of recruitment for Berkeley Panhellenic. Since I was a recruitment counselor, I had a ton of time between parties! The next morning, after my first class of my last first day of school (seniorrrr!!!!), I went to Cafe Milano in Berkeley and drew some more 🙂


That afternoon after the first recruitment party, I finally finished it!!!!!!


That was fast and rewarding. Thank you pen ❤ 

AND Kelly loved it ❤

I can’t wait to have pictures of how it looks on her body. It will be truly rewarding to see my art decorating the body of a loved one permanently 🙂 There truly could be no bigger honor!

I feel very happy and proud with this drawing! More momentum! More art!


luv n peace,



Me reppin’ Hut Mentality  , my roomies’ company making clothing from fabric hand stitched in Indian villages!


Here’s some of us Cal PHC recruitment counselors doin’ our thang!!!!


❤ go bears


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