Rooted in the Heart

8 . 26 . 18

A story of starting to embrace myself and make art that feels good to make 🙂 


My caption for this on instagram @treeeative was:

•••Rooted in the heart•••🌲💜 🖊🌑 I am so grateful for life and love, earth and above🌕 Enjoy the full moon everybody!

Last week I started to finally make my art instagram into something that I feel represents me more. It’s all happened in a matter of weeks that I’ve began to embrace my colors as an artist.


Perhaps more colors will come along, but perhaps you can see what I am naturally drawn to 🙂


So in considering the aesthetics of my instagram with a little more control, I thought I found that a lot of my old art was just not totally up to par. Aka… I’m much more skilled now! 🙂

I began to create a dashboard of what I’d want to post in the coming weeks, but I just felt that a lot of my pieces could be improved.

The drawing to the left is one that I made last summer and always found it to be a diamond in the rough 🙂IMG_0059

As you may know from reading through my posts… summer 2017 was a real struggle to come to myself as an artist and create with love.

Perhaps this drawing was an exception, because I really feel that I drew it from the heart ❤

So as I was trying to pull together an Instagram that I felt was more me… of course this drawing was in the line up!

However, as I was about to post it I thought… I can do better! 

So I did!

An itching to draw this again grew for a day and half until I finally sat down and let myself go (with just pen). Goal = draw tree. 

I put on an old playlist from summer ’17 and it really felt good to be creating with peace to the music that defined such turmoil 🙂 I call that growth.

These two following pics are of the first hour:


Since I had been drawing the ski and snowboard club design earlier that day, and had a photoshoot for Hut Mentality  I was soo creatively drained from drawing. This felt really good though!

Later that night after hangin out with peeps and relaxing, I finished it in my room:


The next day I finally made this graphic to clean it up!


Annnd then I posted it on Instagram right away!!!



As you can see, I felt very happy to share this drawing 🙂


Much much love and peace,


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