Live From the Hive – Honey Bee Illustrations

Hi people!! Thank you for visiting my page 🙂 🙂

I did these illustrations for my new internship as an Art Intern with the Planet Bee Foundation! Planet Bee is dedicated to educating young students about pollinators and their importance in the environment. As I crafted my major at Berkeley to be Art for Environmental Education, this opportunity was absolutely perfect for me!

The artist before me created drawings of the different roles in the honey bee hive, but a few jobs were missing! Here are her drawings :


I made the few missing drawings in her style to keep consistency! Super fun 🙂

Here are my designs:

The Honey Maker bees are in charge of using the enzymes in their honey tummy to break down the nectar/pollen and process it into honeyYes, it is regurgitated flower juice that we are eating…



The queen bee is the mother of every bee in the honey bee hive, so she is very importante. Thus, she has a set of worker bees that are always there to help clean her and feed her the royal jellyThe queen lays around 2,000 eggs a day! So she definitely needs her Queen AttendantsSee below for my artistic interpretation 🙂


Next we have the Undertaker Bees! These bees have the grim yet necessary role of taking the dead bees out of the hive to rest in peace ❤

Trust me, it was definitely a process trying to find a kid friendly way to portray this!

IMG_5835  IMG_8336


And last but not least we have the Guard Bees! These bees hover outside the hive and protect it from robber bees, predatory insects, small critters, and even large critters like bears.

img_7092.jpg   img_0534.pngGuardBee-10.19.18

Of course there are plenty more jobs that the little honey bees have! You can read more about the distribution of jobs here!


Thank you so much for reading through! I can’t wait to see how else I can continue in the movement to save our ever lovin bees!


❤ ❤ luv n peace, 


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