Walk the walk, chalk the chalk

I woke up in the morning and looked at my chalkboard and felt this deep craving to change it. I find deer so beautiful, especially their horns. This summer I drew this little guy but it was time for a change:




So I erased it all and found this picture to reference –>

Then I put on Tash Sultana’s new album Flow State and drew my heart away 🙂

My absolute favorite part was doing the colors in the circle. I drew circles over and over again with different colors, sporadically picking where each one went just because it felt right 🙂

Originally I made the colors pour into the scene behind the buck but when I stepped back it felt like too much color. I erased the whole thing and turned it into a night sky, honoring the full moon that was happening that night 🙂

Of course the pink moon was inspired by Tash’s song Pink Moon


I’m very happy with how it turned out! It really warms up my room 🙂


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