The Question Mark Creature

This drawing/poem is a conceptual piece about the unlimited nature of curiosity. I explain my terms at the bottom of this page.

It beings with the creature named Once standing upon time…

screen shot 2019-01-18 at 3.19.36 pm

Once upon a time… img_0136img_0134img_0133

It is through curiosity and learning that we can connect the puzzle pieces of the universe. 

It is the fullest emptiness, a painless hunger because even when we are satiated with knowledge, we can always yearn for more, and it is a yearning that does not pain us like greed.

Unlike greed for material possessions, wanting more knowledge is selfless, endless, and harmless. It allows us to break down the structures of our perceptions and see things differently. It opens the world and allows us to make new connections, over and over again, piecing together the puzzle of this universe.

Might I be the Question Mark Creature?

Am I the Question Mark Creature?

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