My Major at UC Berkeley

Art for Environmental Education? What does that mean? 

I am very passionate about three things: education, art, and nature!

I plan to combine clear, transparent teaching with my engaging and creative talents to strongly communicate about things happening in the world around us 🙂 I believe integrating creativity into the world of science will benefit society in hundreds of ways! Here are some examples of my portfolio so far.

Hand-drawn mini-documentary about fire in California!Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 5.36.23 PM.png


Let’s Buggy! My Very First Children’s Book




Educational art for The Planet Bee Foundation

How Honey Bees Grow – Worksheet Design

How Honey Bees Grow- Graphic Drawing

Internal Anatomy Drawing of a Native Bee

Honey Bee Hive Roles – Graphic Drawings

How HoneyBees Grow worksheet done .png

How Honey Bees Grow POSTER better.png

bee anatomy version2

Much more to come as I finish my last semester strong!

Love, peace, go bears!